Luke Secomb

Think differently

Hi, I'm Luke Web Developer and Photographic connoisseur. Specialist Lead at Deloitte Digital.

  • a frayed knot CBR

    a frayed knot CBR

    NextJS and DatoCMS powered brochure site

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  • Coles Supplier Central

    Coles Supplier Central

    Knowledge Centre and Supplier Portal

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  • OnePass


    Knowledge and Case Management Community Site

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  • Australian Taxation Office

    Australian Taxation Office

    Public Collaboration Community Platform

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  • National Disability Insurance Agency

    National Disability Insurance Agency

    Salesforce Implementation

  • ACT Gov - City Services

    ACT Gov - City Services

    Waste Collection Platform

  • Regional Investment Corporation

    Regional Investment Corporation

    Loan Application Forms

  • Australian Cultural Fund

    Australian Cultural Fund

    Artist / Project Management Platform

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  • Australian Sports Foundation

    Australian Sports Foundation

    Brochure Website

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  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

    Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

    Application Form

  • Denman Prospect

    Denman Prospect

    Interactive block map

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  • Australian Science Innovations

    Australian Science Innovations

    Donation Management Platform

  • Churchill Trust

    Churchill Trust

    Brochure website powered by Salesforce data

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  • Airport Business Parks

    Airport Business Parks

    Facility and Leisure Booking System

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  • Northside Communities

    Northside Communities

    Wordpress Multisite

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  • Coochie Lawn Care

    Coochie Lawn Care

    Brochure Website

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  • National Youth Science Forum

    National Youth Science Forum

    Salesforce Powered Application Process

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  • RBD Projects

    RBD Projects

    Brochure Website with interactive map

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  • Willinga Park

    Willinga Park

    Event Ticketing System

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  • Mieact


    Brochure Website

  • Ignite Driving

    Ignite Driving

    Brochure Website

  • Australian Roundhouses

    Australian Roundhouses

    Brochure Website